We are a child-centered school

Our approach is based on Bronfenbrenner's bioecological theory of child development, which describes how many influences in a child's life work to affect academic performance and engagement. For our students, the experience of homelessness creates multiple breaks in these relationships. We support families as they begin to mend these breaks.

We believe that for each child to thrive and succeed in school, we must recognize and address that child's individual needs extending beyond the classroom. This may mean allowing a child a few hours of extra sleep or an extra meal during the school day. It may mean working with parents and community partners to secure permanent housing or employment . It will always mean meeting each child where they are, recognizing their individual strengths and challenges, and helping them progress and succeed.


Student/Teacher Ratio

Our small class size and curriculum allow children to learn and develop from where they are and encourage creativity and collaborative learning.



Meeting Needs Beyond the Classroom

We provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, uniforms, school supplies, transportation and an after-school program, all free of charge to parents.



Intensive Family Support Program

From monthly family home visits to the biweekly Parent Academy family workshops, our parents find the community of support they need at The Ansley School to help support their children emotionally and academically.

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Highly Trained and Experienced Staff

Our team carefully evaluates each student's physical, social, emotional and academic needs using research-based assessment tools and expertise from our community partners.

Our Partners

We maintain active partnerships with multiple community agencies and non profits. These partners help us meet our students physical, mental and emotional health needs and help connect our families to housing assistance, employment training and other social services.